Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just before April showers.

Since it is beginning to become what we hope is the rainy season, I took a moment to reminisce about this year's ski trip from a few months ago. Working on our house non-stop the first 2 1/2 years after we bought it has led us to treasure our "play" time and really enjoy every vacation we take now.

One of the last runs of the day on Lower Hughes, Winter Park, CO.

We generally stay at our family's duplex near the resort in which we have themed the entire interior as a cozy cabin for winter wonderland getaways. I helped add to this theme by creating modern, yet simple and inexpensive wall art in both bedrooms.

I used 2 inch styrofoam as canvases--cutting them into 4 equal rectangles and then wrapping them with fabric. I made a pattern for the mountains on my computer and translated that to newspaper and then drew it on the actual fabric before cutting. I simply secured the main fabric pieces on the reverse side with straight pins and then used fabric glue to attach the snow pieces.

The great part is other than being cheap and easy, since each piece is so light, you can hang them with just straight pins to avoid putting large holes in your walls. Here are few others that I have done after I realized how simple this project was--except for the lower-right hand design. That was tedious!

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