Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homemade Halloween at the House

So even though we have less then half-dozen trick or treaters every year, that's no reason not to enjoy the start to the holiday season with Halloween decorations! This year I crafted my way early and had some fun making a few holiday accents for our house. Take a look and see how easy they are. Maybe they will inspire you to make something fun, too!

So easy! 18 extra-large canning jar lids tied together in the center with twine, an old stick hot glued in the center for the stem and bits of wire curled into fun spirals. Spray painting orange optional : )

Inexpensive to make: $4 golden straw wreath from Hobby Lobby spray painted white, 1 1/2 rolls black ribbon wrapped and pinned at the ends, 1 scrap green ribbon for the bow and 2 plastic spiders for $1 at the Dollar store tied on with fishing line.

This one is also easy to make: brown stick wreath from Hobby Lobby spray painted black + assortment of black plastic creepy, crawly critters and a few selections off of a bouquet of artificial black roses hot glued or tied on by fishing line.

And to top it off, our furry and usually interactive Halloween decoration of the year keeps us company long past October 31st.

Happy Halloween!