Saturday, February 16, 2013

OK! demo

I got started on demolition of our house on a chilly February day right around this same time in 2007. The plan (for me at least) was to start in the bathroom. Why the bathroom?

I guess it was the smallest of all the rooms so maybe it made sense to start with the smallest of all the demo projects first but I'm pretty sure our fallible logic was because a bathroom is so important when you are working in a construction zone with no running water and the sooner we got the bathroom finished the sooner it could be of use.

I know that was the reason we bought all the pieces for installation of the toilet over a year before it actually was installed. From that point on, we had two heavy boxes that contained the parts and proceeded to move them from room to room and corner to corner as it always seemed to be constantly in the way. But in those days, so many ideas seemed so plausible and so we continued on in hopes that in just a few weeks, we would be ready for installation.

But I digress, I was eager to start the demolition process in the bathroom.

"What do I do first," I asked.

My fiance handed me a hammer and a "wonder bar" and said, "Take this paneling down."


The bathroom untouched then after ROUND 1 demo.
Then I asked, "Now what?"

"Take down all the lath."


"What now?" I asked.

"Take down all the plaster that was lying beneath all the lath."


"Now what?" I asked.

"Remove all the debris and put it in the roll-off," he said.


I think you get the picture. As each step added to the next, my enthusiasm waned and I began to truly understand the enormity of this house project. But despite that fact, I think we both left that evening feeling satisfied with our progress.

That's the thing about demo work, it's dirty but it's quick and brainless. We would soon realize that those days of progress would be a welcome change from time-consuming, tedious complexities that would start to make our house something that could make it a livable dwelling and eventually a home.

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